The Estonian Police and Border Guard Takes Delivery of a Third AW139

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Estonian Police and Border Guard has taken delivery of its third AW139 medium twin helicopter. This aircraft will perform search and rescue, border patrol, medical missions and utility duties to support the community. The handover was performed during an official ceremony held at Tallinn Airport yesterday in the presence of Estonian Minister of the Interior Marko Pomerants, Secretary General Tarmo Türkson, Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Raivo Küüt, Head of Police and Border Guard Aviation Group Allan Oksmann, Italian Ambassador Rosa Maria Chicco Ferraro and other dignitaries. Ugo Rossini, AgustaWestland VP Head of Europe, said “It gives us great pleasure to deliver the third AW139 following the successful introduction into service of the initial two aircraft, highlighting the customer’s satisfaction with the helicopter, training and support provided. The Estonian Police and Border Guard operational capabilities will now be enhanced to even better serve the nation.”

All three AW139s are based in Tallinn, however, one aircraft will be deployed to a new base at Kuressaare Airport (Saaremaa Island) once all this third aircraft achieves operational readiness. The deployment of an aircraft to Kuressaare Airport will enable faster response times in the Western area of Estonia. These helicopters ensure that the work of guarding the external borders and the border control infrastructure are in compliance with the European Schengen zone requirements. Since the start of operations in October 2007, the first Estonian Police and Border Guard AW139s have successfully accomplished a number of search and rescue and patrol missions in demanding conditions, dramatically enhancing operational effectiveness and border security. This latest Estonian Police and Border Guard helicopter is the first SAR-configured AW139 featuring the FIPS (Full Icing Protection System), allowing flights in known icing conditions with real all weather capability, meaning the aircraft will successfully accomplish the mission of saving lives even in the most demanding conditions when other types would be confined to the hangar. The aircraft mission configuration also comprises dual rescue hoist, 6.8 ton Maximum Gross Weight, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), 4 axis AFCS with SAR modes, moving map, weather/search radar, emergency floats and life rafts, external loudspeaker, search light, cargo hook, fast roping and rappelling fixed provisions, full NVG cockpit and cabin, FLIR, video downlink provision, mission console and dedicated radio and communication suite.
The AW139’s superior performance allows greater coverage of the sea and borders when compared to any other helicopter in the medium twin class. Excellent one engine inoperative capability enhances safety during rescue missions. The new technology integrated cockpit reduces pilot workload and allows the crew to concentrate on the mission. With the largest cabin in its class the AW139 can easily accommodate the crew, rescue equipment and multiple survivors. AgustaWestland can boast a strong presence in the area with a range of border guard-dedicated types such as the Finnish Border Guard’s fleet of AW119Ke single engine helicopters and the Latvian Border Guard’s AW109 Power light twin helicopters. The AW139, thanks to its unequalled characteristics and capabilities, is perfectly suited to meet a number of future operational requirements from customers in the Nordic and Baltic region. Numerous law enforcement and security agencies as well as SAR operators around the world have chosen the AW139 to fulfil their requirements in countries such as Estonia, Japan, China, Italy, UK, USA, Spain, Cyprus, South Korea, Malaysia, The Netherlands, UAE, Oman and Libya. Almost 500 aircraft have been sold in approximately 50 countries worldwide to nearly 140 customers to perform a number of roles including SAR/EMS, law enforcement, and offshore transport, VIP /corporate transport, utility and other government missions.

Source: AgustaWestland